Geocaching Edmonton and Area Association
Geocaching Edmonton and Area Association
Edmonton, Alberta Canada
Imagine a pastime that can be enjoyed by the whole family, combines technology with outdoor adventure, uses problem and puzzle solving skills along with your map skills, and;
Our Mission is to:

Promote geocaching as a fun, family-oriented outdoor activity that increases awareness and appreciation of the environment and our parks and trails.
Provide opportunities for participants to enjoy geocaching and to socialize with other geocachers.
Educate land managers about geocaching and provide a stable conduit for geocachers to work with land owners.
Increase awareness and support of geocaching through interaction with other outdoor groups and the public.
Encourage low-impact geocaching and promote stewardship of our natural resources.
Adopt and maintain local geocaching trails as group activity.
Support “Cache In Trash Out” activities to help maintain parks and trail systems.

The Geocaching Edmonton and Area Association, better known as GEAA, was formed in 2017 to promote and support geocaching in Edmonton and Northern Alberta, provide  general information and education about geocaching, encourage newcomers, and share in the enjoyment of geocaching.  We offer help to new geocachers, schools, community groups and Scouting/Girlguiding leaders.  We are happy to help everyone, no matter their level of geocaching experience or the issue in concern. We also have some help resources on this site that you may find useful, especially if you're new to the game.  The GEAA officers and directors are a group of volunteers, elected annually to carry out these objectives.
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Geocaching (pronounced geo-kash-ing) is a worldwide high tech outdoor treasure hunting game that encompasses all of the above and much more. There are over 2 million geocaches hidden worldwide and over 5 million people who play the game.
Gets you out into the fresh air.
Gets you walking either a long way or a little way.
Introduces you to unusual,interesting, and beautiful locations.
Encourages the kids to ask, “Can we go for a walk today?”
Is so much fun, you will want to go out for a walk too.
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We organize events to keep in touch with cachers and encourage active participation.  Our hope is that GEAA will be the go to association for the geocaching community and the community at large to connect with those experienced and knowledgeable in the geocaching game/hobby.  Visit the Contact Us page for more information.
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    Here is a little something for our French speaking cachers.

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Presidents Message

Dear Geocachers,
You are ALL cordially invited to join the non-profit Geocaching Edmonton and Area Association. We thank all returning members for your continued support. We aim to not only promote the game of Geocaching in the awesome province of Alberta, but also to distribute quality over quantity geocache hides. Our organization is still in its infancy but going strong into year 2. We continue to support the annual CARW winter event as it evolves by focusing on a family friendly event with something in it for everyone. Come check out winter caching February 23/24, 2019.  You’ll be sure to create awesome memories and I can guarantee no mosquito bites!